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AL-Manar University of Tripoli

PO Box 676, Makkouk Street, Abou Samra, Tripoli (LEBANON)

Contact person:
Walid Kamali
Tel: + 961 70139077
Fax: +961 642 6803
E-mail: walid.kamali@gmail.com


AL-MANAR University of Tripoli (MUT) – Rachid Karami Institution for Higher Education – was founded on 15th of November, 1990 by Presidential Decree No 720. It is a center for higher education and research, adopting the American system of education, and dedicated to serve the students, business communities and societies of Tripoli, Lebanon and the Arab World.
MUT’s mission is to offer the highest quality of education for the best possible value; it is research; it is social responsibility; and it is about love of country and God. The University seeks to educate, and to graduate its students as highly-proficient, ethical and productive members of society. From established programs of education and research, to programs of continuing education, MUT fosters the spirit of quality of education, advancement of knowledge, development of critical thinking and community service.
MUT has 7 Faculties offering 39 fields of specializations in various fields of studies, supported by both state-of-the-art scientific laboratories and other equipment and amenities tailored to offer its students the best academic facilities, and by an excellent teaching staff advanced in education and experience.
MUT objectives are to offer higher and quality education and research comparable to international standards, to graduate students that can easily meet the market needs and challenges, to promote the interaction between higher education institutes and the private sectors of industry and business, to contribute to the academic, economic and social development of North Lebanon in particular and Lebanon in general.