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Jordan Environment Society

1199 Howard Ave –¬†Amman 11934 (JORDAN)

Contact person:
Batool Abu Hazeem
Tel: +962796207362
Fax: +96265695857


JES was established in 1988 as a non-profit non-governmental organization. It is the largest NGO in Jordan in its field. The objective of JES includes, but is not limited to, protecting the environment and its basic elements of water, air, soil and wildlife. Following the belief that the environment is the both the endowment and responsibility of all people, JES encourages interaction of various entities in environmental solutions. Through its 11 branches around the country, JES raises public awareness and promotes community action at the local level. By accessing professionals in both the private and public sector, JES enables the adoption of policies and the application of international environmental standards. JES also aims to create a sound equilibrium between economic growth and the environment by promoting practices of sustainable development.
Since its establishment, JES has hosted various unique environmental projects. Some of these projects include: awareness in water and environment, eco-media, integrated pest control, biogas, recycling, medical waste management, hazardous domestic waste management, solid waste management in Arab countries, comedian environmental theatre and an eco-student network. To accomplish its goals, JES has worked in partnership with many national, regional and international institutions. Some of our supporting agencies are: The Jordanian government and private sectors, USAID, WEPIA, UNDP, GTZ, Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (AFESD), Fridrich Naumann Foundation, Canadian International Cooperation Agency (CIDA), WHO, and the French and Swedish governments, and recently in 2012; JES started to work with the EU.