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La Spezia Port Authority

Via del Molo 1 – 19126 La Spezia (ITALY)

Contact person:
Federica Montaresi
Tel: +39 0187 546368
Fax: +39 0187 546312
E-mail: federica.montaresi@porto.laspezia.it


La Spezia Port Authority manages the port activities and the maritime property area inside the Gulf of La Spezia. The Port of La Spezia is one of the most important container ports in the Med. In Italy it’s the second port in importance for direct call services and for serving the north Italian markets: this thanks to its technology, efficiency, quality of services and constant innovation. The port today is involved and operates successfully in different commodities: container traffic, liquid & dry bulk and general cargoes as well. In 2011 the port achieved a throughput of 18 million tons and a record traffic of 1,310,000 TEUs. Nowadays the port areas are directly connected to the railway and the highway. Thanks to our network, shipping lines and the entire logistic industry can reduce their distribution costs and increase service efficiency. The port of La Spezia moves more than 30% of container traffic by rail, qualifying as the port with the highest percentage of intermodal transport on a national level. In accordance with the new port master plan an important target of the port authority is to improve the rate of rail traffic, to increase the port system’s competitiveness and in this way pay special attention to urban environment. The realization of a new intermodal centre in S. Stefano Magra, only a few kilometers from the port terminals, is the new challenge for the whole port system to reach the 50% of container traffic by rail.
Concerning the TEN-T network, the port of La Spezia is connected to Corridor Genoa-Rotterdam through the La Spezia – Genoa route and to Corridor Helsinki – La Valletta through the Pisa – Prato – Florence – Bologna and the La Spezia – Parma – Bologna routes. The Port of La Spezia is a Core Port in the new TEN-T Core Network and it is included in the Corridor Helsinki – La Valletta. The port of La Spezia is very close to the urban areas.
La Spezia Port Authority is involved in an important agreement about Green Port in order to set up different activities to reduce Co2 emission, to improve the energy efficiency, and the impact of the port activities on the urban areas. La Spezia Port Authority wants to improve the environmental impact of port activities on the city for a better quality of life of people living in the areas close to the port. La Spezia Port Authority is carrying out several actions in IT sector and energy sector as new solution to improve the management of traffic flow in/out the port and to separate the port traffic flow to the urban traffic flow in order to reduce pollution.