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MESP final stage

Final pictures of the group

On November 30th, ENPI CBC MED MESP project ended its activities.
The Coordinator, Prof. Corrado Schenone, wish to express his congratulations to the whole working group on the job done. MESP team spent the last fourty months working, thinking, laboring, rejoicing together.

This intense and fruitful collaboration brought relevant results for each partner and for their Institutions. Several bridges have been built among the partnership and among Italy, Jordan, Lebanon and Greece, hoping to continue to cooperate in the future.

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MESP Final Get-Together Event in Tripoli, Lebanon

On Monday 30 November 2015, Al-Manar University of Tripoli, PP3 of MESP project organized a Closing Get-Together Dinner for MESP project, to mark the occasion of the closing of the project. The social event was held in Abdul Rahman Hallab & Sons in Tripoli at 8:00 p.m.

Attended the event was MUT President Dr. Sami Menkara and MUT MESP team composed of PMCO Prof. Walid Kamali, PC Eng. Abdallah Abdul Wahab, PCA Yara El Moghrabi, PCA Salam Messaikeh and Financial Manager Maya Kassir. From the Port of Tripoli, PP5 in MESP, participated PC Eng. Abdelrahman Hajar, OEPT board member Mr. Mahmoud Salhab, Financial Manager Omar El Hoz, Captain Bilal Abdel Hay and Ms Rouba Kabbara. From the Urban Community El Fayhaa, the associated partners of MESP, attended Eng. Dima Homsi, director of UCF, Mrs. Amal Soufi, Eng. Douha El Benni and Eng. Sobhi Ghaleb. Also attended the event were the mayor of municipality of Tripoli Eng. Amer Rafei, UCF president and Prof. Jalal Halwani, member of Tripoli municipal council. Participants were also Dr. Mervat El Hoz, SAC member in MESP and Mrs. Yasmine Jabaly from University El Balamand, and from the Order of Engineers in Tripoli, the president of the order Eng. Marius Beaini, Eng. Bassem Bakhache President of Scientific Committee and Eng. Samer Zammar. From MUT, as implementers for MESP, attended Eng. Hussein Kabbara, Miss Rayane Moussa and Miss Aya Krissaty.

Prof. Walid Kamali gave a speech at the event, highlighting the importance of MESP project in the day where the climate change summit was taking place in Paris. He added  that during the last past 3 and a half years the partnership between the port of Tripoli, the Al-Manar University, and the UCF, order of engineers and other universities were synergized by the MESP project. Prof. Kamali thanked all people involved in MESP, and emphasized on the capacity building that MESP provided, and the communication and cooperation that the project developed, wishing to work in similar projects in the future.

Finally, the holidays season celebration was inaugurated by cutting a cake that depicts the MESP logo.