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MESP @ ENPI CBC MED capitalization event in Rome

Three MESP members (Prof. Corrado Schenone from UNIGE – DIME, Prof. Walid Kamali from Al Manar University amd Prof. Riyad Manasrah from MSS) took part at the ENPI CBC MED Capitalization event, held in Rome on October 28, 2015.


The environment has no respect for national boundaries: natural habitats and weather patterns often spread across several regions or several countries. That is why efforts to protect the environment of regions around the Mediterranean can be more effective when they extend across borders. Given its focus on cross-border cooperation, the ENPI CBC Med Programme is a natural fit for environmental initiatives.

Representatives of over 30 cooperation projects funded under the Programme gathered in Rome on occasion of a capitalization event dedicated to environmental sustainability in the Mediterranean region.

The event aimed at analyzing and discussing key topics addressed and main results achieved by projects in the following fields:

• Water management;
• Waste treatment and recycling;
• Renewable energies and energy efficiency;
• Integrated coastal zone management.

The event included interactive sessions in view of identifying good practices and common valuable approaches developed by cross-border partnerships under the ENPI CBC Med Programme.

MESP partnership joined the Integrated Costal Zone Management cluster.


Enclose you can find the agenda.